Eight Months of Runs

July 16th I took my first “maybe I’ll try this whole running thing” run. I’ve had the runs for 8 months! I can’t believe it. Some months I’ve had the runs in very intense ways and other months have been more casual. Whether I’m running 40k a month or 130, I’m just happy that running is now a part of my life.

I’ve run through heat waves. Through forests. By the beach. Along the canal. In -29 weather. In snow. In rain. In wind. I’ve run on beautiful fall days. On crisp spring days. Balmy afternoons and gloomy winter mornings. I’ve run the hills of rural Quebec. The hills of High Park in Toronto. The hollywood hills. And now I’m running the hills in wine country.

After more than a few months back in Canada, it was time to return to California. So much has changed since last March and I’ve learned a lot about myself. Living with my parents again in a tranquil neighbourhood made me realize how much I missed quiet. And nature! I’ve lived in busy cities for so long and at this moment in my life I value peace and quiet more than ever before.

I love the hum of a busy city but when you can’t enjoy it to it’s full potential it can feel like a tease. Right now we’re in an airbnb up in the canyons, near Temecula, California. I fell in love with Temecula about 3 years ago when my husband and I came for our anniversary. I’ve never been to Tuscany but from the pictures I’ve seen, it has a similar vibe. The hills and mountains are sprawling. There are bunnies everywhere. Beautiful ranches full of horses. It’s a very calming place.

My first run back on American soil was back and forth on this road that was covered with hills. It was a real ass blaster! I’m beginning to try new roads and routes and take in the beauty of this area. I’ve turned off any notifications on my Nike Run App. Nothing telling me how long I’ve been running or how fast. I just run until I don’t feel like running anymore. I’ll pause to take a picture. On my run a few days ago I almost ran into a coyote. As I was trotting up the hill a coyote casually sashayed across the street just a few feet away from me. Then he stopped. Then I stopped. He stared at me. If I continued running, I would have been right beside him and even though I’ve heard that coyotes are harmless, I was ready to take that chance! I crossed the street and casually jogged by. As soon as I was out of his line of vision I SPRINTED back to our airbnb.

I guess the whole point of this blog post and the reason I encourage you to start running, or continue running is because all of the wonderful and interesting things you might see! Yes, it’s a great workout and you’re getting stronger and healthier but you’re going to see a lot of cool shit out there too! I understand that not everyone is running in wine country but no matter where you are, there is beauty to be seen. Maybe a chubby racoon digging through the trash. A neat cloud formation. A funky house. A wet pile of newspapers. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. You’re going to see a lot more on a short run around your neighbourhood than you are sitting at home.

I’ve started to think about what my running journey will look like 8 months from now. Will I sign up for a race? Maybe train for a half marathon? A full one? Who knows! Right now I’m enjoying living in the present, at least when it comes to running. My mind likes to race faster than my legs ever could. I’ve got a whole bunch of other shit to worry about so I’m going to allow running to be the least stressful thing in my life. No expectations. Just a sense of adventure and curiosity. No matter what stage you’re at on your running journey, I hope you remember to add a bit of whimsy to each run. It’s a real scavenger hunt for the eyes.

After I post this I’m off for a run! I still got em’!


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