I’ve Got the Skates

There is so much snow. Too much snow. And it keeps coming! You think that Mother Nature would get tired of crying these big chunky tears but NO. Have you ever tried to run while snow is blowing sideways straight into your eyeballs? I have. Chef does not recommend! Seeing as the conditions for runningContinue reading “I’ve Got the Skates”

Running From Your Demons

People run for a million different reasons. Maybe you want to increase your cardiovascular stamina. Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you have so much fucked up shit going on in your head at all times that running is the only thing to calm the voices. Maybe it’s all three, and then some! Running,Continue reading “Running From Your Demons”

When You Literally Have The Runs

Sometimes you have the runs. Literally. I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to talk about my butt struggles. I have what I think is undiagnosed IBS. To be honest, I’m not sure what it is but my butt likes to party. It’s actually been quite a bit better since the pandemic because I realizedContinue reading “When You Literally Have The Runs”

Why Do You Run?

Hello runners! I haven’t released to a new post in 3 weeks because truth be told, I haven’t been running a lot. Maybe averaging two 5k’s a week. None of it felt remarkable and it certainly didn’t seem blog worthy. I started feeling down because running is my new “thing” and if I’m not runningContinue reading “Why Do You Run?”