Short Runs

There are no small runs, just small runners. Sometimes we think of the length of the run as everything. But what about the quality? It can be tempting to go for long runs and see the number on your running app go up. I’ve been caught in this trap before! LOOK HOW MUCH RUNNING I CAN DO, AREN’T I A GOOD BOY?! So, for the month of April I decided I’d go for baby runs. Three to five km’s, max. Sometimes I’d do speed runs. Sprinting for 30 seconds to a minute and then walking 30 seconds to a minute to recover. I switched up my route and ran more hills. I went for slow and steady runs, finishing with a sprint. Anything to get my body out of auto-pilot.

Me, showing off my new Old Navy athletic wear 😉

I found myself looking forward to my runs because they weren’t such an undertaking. Running for 40 minutes to an hour can seem daunting but 20-25 minutes is so manageable! I’m able to do my daily yoga and incorporate other workouts without feeling like it’s taking up my whole day. I’m a busy gal! I’ve got taxes to do and screenplays to write!

So, just like these baby runs, this will be a baby blog. Short and sweet. Don’t feel bad if you’re not running long distances. A 20 minute jog is sometimes all your body and mind needs. Think of it as a power nap! You’ll be refreshed, energized and ready to take on your day.

I’ve got the small runs! Who knows what runs I’ll have next? Long, short, fast or slow, as long as I’m running I’ll be happy!


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